Bouari Clinic to be at Mind Body Spirit Expo Oct 28th-30th!!

I have recently started working as the nutritionist for the Bouari Weight Loss and Health and Wellness Clinic in King of Prussia. Because I was a participant in the diet protocol it has truly helped me to help other people understand and go through the diet that we suggest in order to lose their desired weight. I have had a few patients and the more that I see, the more that I understand how people believe weight loss is acheived. I lost a few pounds in places that I WANTED to lose some weight and when I talk to my patients, I can illustrate my passion for the benefits of this diet. It is such an amazing transformation how I even look at food from the time I started until now. It changed my focus on not only weight loss but how to eat healthy and not feed my emotions with food but instead see food as energy and a way to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST without being so very full, of course!!

The counselors and I will be at the Mind Body Spirit Expo this upcoming October 28th until the 30th. Here is the site that you can visit to get some more information on tickets and additional information:

The following is a press release about our booth. We will be conveniently located near the entrance of the guest speakers so be sure to stop by to get more information personally from our consultants, nutritionists, and doctors. We all look forward to seeing you!!

Bouari Clinic King of Prussia to Exhibit at the Mind Body Spirit Expo at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Since its launch in 1998, the Mind Body Spirit Expo has been the premier meeting place for national and world leaders in the field of alternative medicine and general wellness. The speakers and exhibitors have been influential in growing the expo year after year. With over 120 exhibitors, the expo attracts over 6000 attendees annually. This year, with the launch of the first Bouari Clinic (BC) in the North East, the doctors and counselors at the clinic will be exhibiting their products and services.

The Bouari Clinic King of Prussia (KOP) prides itself on its approach to weight loss and wellness. Its proprietary supplements, medications, and methods have helped over 32,000 patients lose a great amount of weight in over 15 locations nationwide since 2007. Led by a team of PhD nutritionists and physicians, the Bouari Clinic team has developed FDA registered supplements in combination with prescription strength vitamins and natural medications that allow for the quickest and healthiest weight loss possible.

Patients lose weight when they combine the Bouari program methods with natural healthy foods found in every day grocery stores. Patients can go on the Bouari Clinic protocol from as little as 21 days to as much as 50 days, depending on how much weight the patient has to lose. During the entire program, patients receive the highest quality of vitamins (B12, B6, etc) and amino acids to aid in fat loss. At the same time, the body goes through a detoxifying process where all the “unhealthy” toxins that have accumulated through the years are flushed out of the body.

The team of physicians, nutritionists, and counselors at the Bouari Clinic KOP are always available and accessible throughout. Once patients join the clinic, they become members for life, without paying any membership fees, recurrent fees, or any hidden fees. In comparison to the various weight loss options available on the market, Bouari Clinic is the most efficient at helping patients lose weight naturally and detoxifying their bodies simultaneously. Unlike many weight loss options around, the Bouari Clinic does not offer prescription “diet pills” that are based on amphetamines and are very addictive with a history of known side effects. The Bouari Clinic does not sell prepackaged foods that are filled with preservatives and chemicals. These programs are a quick fix and do not teach the patient how to eat healthy for life. The program does not require any exercise, since many overweight people struggle to exercise to begin with. They do however encourage light walking and increased activity, but not strenuous exercise. Surgery is not an option. Although some extreme cases of obesity require surgery, it should be the very LAST resort. There are many side effects of bariatric surgery and patients do not get to enjoy food for the rest of their lives. As opposed to the Bouari protocol that allows patients to eat natural regular food once their new set weight point is achieved.

The Mind Body Spirit Expo will allow the Bouari Clinic to network with like minded people who appreciate natural methods of weight loss and the concept of detoxifying our bodies. The BC protocol is the most efficient, fastest, and effective way to help people lose weight naturally. The program promotes organic foods and eating healthy for the rest of your life, thus allowing patients to develop a new and better relationship with food!

Stop by booth C313 to talk to our physicians, nutritionists, and counselors. There will be free giveaways, product samples, free body measurements, discount coupons, and free consultations.

Bouari Clinic King of Prussia
(Across the KOP mall on rt 202 & Mall blvd)
677 West DeKalb Pike,
Second Floor,
King of Prussia, PA, 19406
T: 484-674-7764

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Steppin’ Up, Weighing Less

It has been a little over a week since my last blog and I have some more time on the Bouari Clinic Protocol. I have been feeling great and I have come to a lot of realizations about dieting and weight loss for myself and hopefully to help other people. I think there are so many places out there that give false advertising about weight loss programs. You can easily buy a supplemented prepackaged food and because the calories are low and you are essentially eating less than typical, you will ultimately lose weight. However, what people don’t realize when they are not nutrition guru’s is that the amount of sodium and other micronutrients are not in the range that they should be to maintain a proper energy balance in the body. It is so hard in this day and age for people who have full time jobs and are trying just to get by to really put a lot of time and effort into worrying about food and their own body. However, this is so important in life and it is really the precursor to the other stressors and anxieties of everyday life. When you start taking care of yourself, most times the rest will follow with dedication. I really like the Bouari Clinic’s way of approaching weight loss because it truly focuses on YOU and how you can start to become aware of the important changes that you can make in your life to start feeling more energetic and more enthusiastic about life. It is not necessarily easy at first, it takes true discipline but nothing in life worth really having is going to be a switch on or off. This is not a diet, this is a way of life that you are learning. The hardest part is just getting up and trying! Once you want to try to make a change for the better, there are so many people who can help support you in your decision. I have noticed this with my mom and I. I have really been making more of a conscious effort to take care of myself. During college, it was so hard to put lifestyle first when work was so draining… along with all nighters and no money in my pockets. During the last year, however, I started becoming more active and started to pay attention to my physical and physcological self. My grades started getting better (a lot of it had to do with my sleep patterns) and I started to feel happier. In all truthfulness, that is really what I strive for in my life; to be HAPPY. By making small changes, all of that came into my grasp. With the Bouari Clinic, it is easy to get off track, but remember if you do it’s OK. It was one minor bump in the road, but there is always the next thing to look forward to; maybe it’s your weight in numbers going down, maybe your mood to be elevated or maybe you just want to have the ENERGY to play with the kids and wake up in the morning. Whatever your goals may be, those small lifestyle changes are all thats needed to add up to a new you.

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Feelin’ Good

I’m into a little bit past two full weeks of doing the diet under the Bouari Clinic. I feel great and so does my mom. She has told me that there was no other way that she could’ve lost weight except by this regimen. It has helped both her and I to become aware of how much we actually eat throughout the day. Because this diet requires eating less, it helps with the psychological awareness that I snack more so than not when I am not thinking about what goes into my mouth. Usually I eat pretty well but I definitely ate a lot to keep up with my exercise schedule. My mom is looking fantastic, I can already see the lbs have dropped off of her. I go food shopping tomorrow and I have gotten into a routine of what I eat in the mornings, afternoons, and nights. I make sure that I have protein with everymeal and a fruit/vegetable with it. I snack 3 times a day with a fruit and/or veg so that helps me to keep my health in check too. Although I have only lost 3 lbs, I’m okay with it because I  didn’t need to lose very much. However, I do notice that I am losing weight in all the right places! I wanted to lose around my mid section and I realize that 3lb loss around my mid section area.

I have been looking up recipes that I can use for the protocol also that fit the criteria for this program. There are a lot of options that can be used to help you enjoy your meals a little bit more than if you didn’t like the recipes in the book. Spice things up! Spice helps add an extra taste to the foods and also help to speed up metabolism even more. Because you probably won’t be that hungry after a few days to a week of the diet, the portion sizes will be suitable to fuel your needs. I do drink tea with a tiny bit of stevia for a boost in the day and I’ll usually eat a green apple midday to boost my energy levels. By eating foods that are raw instead of cooked as a snack, the chemical bonding is maintained and the nutrients in food that boost energy are going directly into your body. Thus you get the most out of the snack you ate and you feel great!

So far, the diet is going very well. It has become more of a lifestyle change because I haven’t been thinking so much about what to eat like I was the first week and a little into the second week. I don’t feel nearly as hungry and my energy is great. I maintain a good sleeping schedule and that helps reserve energy throughout the day as well. I drink lots of water too, so make sure you are drinking enough to keep you hydrated throughout the day! I am about halfway done with this phase of the diet and I couldn’t be doing better. Both my mom and I are feeling great and looking even greater! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I look forward to speaking with anyone who is on the HCG protocol and who are thinking about it as well. Cheers, xoxo!

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First Week Complete!

Currently, I am on day 7 of the HCG protocol. It is really helpful that my mom and I are in this together because we definitely help each other. We have made the recipes together, our salads and the dressings and we went food shopping together so that has most definitely helped. I do feel a little hungry, especially around 3-5 pm but I feel as if thats typical of any day on or off the diet. It could still be my satiety cues because I have such a habit of eating around that time anyway. As far as weight loss, I haven’t seen much progression for myself, but lucky for my mom she has lost about 4.5 lbs! She is very content with how the diet is working for her and she already looks great! I am not sure exactly the reason I haven’t lost as much in lbs. but I do have a lot more muscle and less water weight. It could also contribute to the fact that prior to the diet, I already had a really healthy balanced diet. My mom needed to lost a little bit more weight than I did and her diet was not as balanced as mine, especially when it came to her carbohydrate and starch intake. I was already a big fruit and vegetable person so I typically would snack on those for energy most of the time. Sometimes it is hard because I do LOVE pasta and some other carbohydrates, but as the days go on it seems to get a bit easier. I make sure that I have protein with every meal, that helps me specifically because I need the energy from the PRO to teach my yoga classes. My energy is not at all drained, however. I feel pretty normal as far as that goes. I have been eating a lot of fruit. I think I may be eating an extra serving or two throughout the day because I need the snack as some added energy. That may be contributing to my lack of weight loss but I just think it may take a little bit more time for me to lose weight, which I had a feeling would happen anyways before I even started the diet. I’ll continue to keep updating on my weight loss and how I am feeling throughout this next week on the HCG diet! Cheers, xoxo!

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Getting Started on the Bouari HCG Diet!


Yesterday (9-17) I started the Bouari Clinic’s HCG diet. I am on day 2 of binge eating and I am FULL! I am almost literally eating everything in sight, especially foods of high fat content like cream cheese bagels, butter and creamed noodles, pulled pork, meatball sandwiches, crab (I went to a huge BBQ on the water yesterday, which helped me to eat LOTS) hamburgers and ice cream. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun to eat 50% more than what I usually consume daily, but to the contrary,  I find myself forcing the food into my mouth. Its ok though because I can understand how it is psychologically preparing me for the 30 day diet that I am going to be on. Since I’ll be working at the Bouari Clinic as a nutritionist, I decided to follow through with the protocol as well because if I was a patient, I would want my Dr/Nutritionist/RN etc. to understand how I felt. I don’t need to lose much weight, 15 lbs at the absolute most but I still want to continue with the diet. I went food shopping today and got a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables, mostly salad stuff and fruit as a snack. Chicken was a must also and next week I’ll be getting a steak. I am doing this diet with my mom so at least we can motivate each other.

Unfortunately there’s no alcohol consumption for these 30 days (I definitely like my glass of wine at night) so I figure I’ll become the DD for the month! I am also a yoga instructor so I’m excited to let my students know the diet that I’m on and how it’s going. At first, since I was educated in nutrition, I was super skeptical about the diet. But it makes a lot of sense. Instead of restricting calories and putting yourself into a ketotic state, taking the supplemented HCG helps to metabolize the abnormal fat while staying out of a danger zone. I am not taking the injections, so I sublingually absorb the HCG under my tongue in the morning and at night. It’s only day 2 (and its still a binge day) but I am so excited about tomorrow when I start the actual diet protocol. Since I have had nutrition as my 6th sense for almost all of my life, I am not too worried. I know it is going to get hard at times but I just have to keep on keepin’ on. I start my new job in mid-Oct at the Bouari Clinic in the new location at King of Prussia so it is almost a month from today. Anyway, I’ll be blogging often to keep updates of how the diet is going and what I am thinking as a nutritionist. I never thought I would get sick of eating anything and everything that I love, but I am more than ready to go on the diet and stop binge eating! Good luck to all who are starting with the HCG diet, I am here for questions also if there are any that come up! Cheers, xoxo!

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