Getting Started on the Bouari HCG Diet!


Yesterday (9-17) I started the Bouari Clinic’s HCG diet. I am on day 2 of binge eating and I am FULL! I am almost literally eating everything in sight, especially foods of high fat content like cream cheese bagels, butter and creamed noodles, pulled pork, meatball sandwiches, crab (I went to a huge BBQ on the water yesterday, which helped me to eat LOTS) hamburgers and ice cream. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun to eat 50% more than what I usually consume daily, but to the contrary,  I find myself forcing the food into my mouth. Its ok though because I can understand how it is psychologically preparing me for the 30 day diet that I am going to be on. Since I’ll be working at the Bouari Clinic as a nutritionist, I decided to follow through with the protocol as well because if I was a patient, I would want my Dr/Nutritionist/RN etc. to understand how I felt. I don’t need to lose much weight, 15 lbs at the absolute most but I still want to continue with the diet. I went food shopping today and got a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables, mostly salad stuff and fruit as a snack. Chicken was a must also and next week I’ll be getting a steak. I am doing this diet with my mom so at least we can motivate each other.

Unfortunately there’s no alcohol consumption for these 30 days (I definitely like my glass of wine at night) so I figure I’ll become the DD for the month! I am also a yoga instructor so I’m excited to let my students know the diet that I’m on and how it’s going. At first, since I was educated in nutrition, I was super skeptical about the diet. But it makes a lot of sense. Instead of restricting calories and putting yourself into a ketotic state, taking the supplemented HCG helps to metabolize the abnormal fat while staying out of a danger zone. I am not taking the injections, so I sublingually absorb the HCG under my tongue in the morning and at night. It’s only day 2 (and its still a binge day) but I am so excited about tomorrow when I start the actual diet protocol. Since I have had nutrition as my 6th sense for almost all of my life, I am not too worried. I know it is going to get hard at times but I just have to keep on keepin’ on. I start my new job in mid-Oct at the Bouari Clinic in the new location at King of Prussia so it is almost a month from today. Anyway, I’ll be blogging often to keep updates of how the diet is going and what I am thinking as a nutritionist. I never thought I would get sick of eating anything and everything that I love, but I am more than ready to go on the diet and stop binge eating! Good luck to all who are starting with the HCG diet, I am here for questions also if there are any that come up! Cheers, xoxo!


About hayleycassbouariclinic

I am a nutritionist and certified yoga instructor recently employed at the Bouari Clinic in King of Prussia, PA. I graduated from Penn State University and I am excited to start a new job where I am helping people to lose weight in a healthy way opposed to options such as gastric bypass, etc. I love the outdoors and exercising and I also love to help people reach a goal that they have decided upon. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the HCG diet or any nutrition/yoga related question! Cheers, xoxo!
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