First Week Complete!

Currently, I am on day 7 of the HCG protocol. It is really helpful that my mom and I are in this together because we definitely help each other. We have made the recipes together, our salads and the dressings and we went food shopping together so that has most definitely helped. I do feel a little hungry, especially around 3-5 pm but I feel as if thats typical of any day on or off the diet. It could still be my satiety cues because I have such a habit of eating around that time anyway. As far as weight loss, I haven’t seen much progression for myself, but lucky for my mom she has lost about 4.5 lbs! She is very content with how the diet is working for her and she already looks great! I am not sure exactly the reason I haven’t lost as much in lbs. but I do have a lot more muscle and less water weight. It could also contribute to the fact that prior to the diet, I already had a really healthy balanced diet. My mom needed to lost a little bit more weight than I did and her diet was not as balanced as mine, especially when it came to her carbohydrate and starch intake. I was already a big fruit and vegetable person so I typically would snack on those for energy most of the time. Sometimes it is hard because I do LOVE pasta and some other carbohydrates, but as the days go on it seems to get a bit easier. I make sure that I have protein with every meal, that helps me specifically because I need the energy from the PRO to teach my yoga classes. My energy is not at all drained, however. I feel pretty normal as far as that goes. I have been eating a lot of fruit. I think I may be eating an extra serving or two throughout the day because I need the snack as some added energy. That may be contributing to my lack of weight loss but I just think it may take a little bit more time for me to lose weight, which I had a feeling would happen anyways before I even started the diet. I’ll continue to keep updating on my weight loss and how I am feeling throughout this next week on the HCG diet! Cheers, xoxo!


About hayleycassbouariclinic

I am a nutritionist and certified yoga instructor recently employed at the Bouari Clinic in King of Prussia, PA. I graduated from Penn State University and I am excited to start a new job where I am helping people to lose weight in a healthy way opposed to options such as gastric bypass, etc. I love the outdoors and exercising and I also love to help people reach a goal that they have decided upon. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the HCG diet or any nutrition/yoga related question! Cheers, xoxo!
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