Steppin’ Up, Weighing Less

It has been a little over a week since my last blog and I have some more time on the Bouari Clinic Protocol. I have been feeling great and I have come to a lot of realizations about dieting and weight loss for myself and hopefully to help other people. I think there are so many places out there that give false advertising about weight loss programs. You can easily buy a supplemented prepackaged food and because the calories are low and you are essentially eating less than typical, you will ultimately lose weight. However, what people don’t realize when they are not nutrition guru’s is that the amount of sodium and other micronutrients are not in the range that they should be to maintain a proper energy balance in the body. It is so hard in this day and age for people who have full time jobs and are trying just to get by to really put a lot of time and effort into worrying about food and their own body. However, this is so important in life and it is really the precursor to the other stressors and anxieties of everyday life. When you start taking care of yourself, most times the rest will follow with dedication. I really like the Bouari Clinic’s way of approaching weight loss because it truly focuses on YOU and how you can start to become aware of the important changes that you can make in your life to start feeling more energetic and more enthusiastic about life. It is not necessarily easy at first, it takes true discipline but nothing in life worth really having is going to be a switch on or off. This is not a diet, this is a way of life that you are learning. The hardest part is just getting up and trying! Once you want to try to make a change for the better, there are so many people who can help support you in your decision. I have noticed this with my mom and I. I have really been making more of a conscious effort to take care of myself. During college, it was so hard to put lifestyle first when work was so draining… along with all nighters and no money in my pockets. During the last year, however, I started becoming more active and started to pay attention to my physical and physcological self. My grades started getting better (a lot of it had to do with my sleep patterns) and I started to feel happier. In all truthfulness, that is really what I strive for in my life; to be HAPPY. By making small changes, all of that came into my grasp. With the Bouari Clinic, it is easy to get off track, but remember if you do it’s OK. It was one minor bump in the road, but there is always the next thing to look forward to; maybe it’s your weight in numbers going down, maybe your mood to be elevated or maybe you just want to have the ENERGY to play with the kids and wake up in the morning. Whatever your goals may be, those small lifestyle changes are all thats needed to add up to a new you.


About hayleycassbouariclinic

I am a nutritionist and certified yoga instructor recently employed at the Bouari Clinic in King of Prussia, PA. I graduated from Penn State University and I am excited to start a new job where I am helping people to lose weight in a healthy way opposed to options such as gastric bypass, etc. I love the outdoors and exercising and I also love to help people reach a goal that they have decided upon. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the HCG diet or any nutrition/yoga related question! Cheers, xoxo!
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